Corporate Party Etiquette

It’s that time of year again… It’s Corporate Holiday Party Season!  While these parties are intended to create bonds between employees and increase morale, they can go wrong.   We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure that everyone has a good time at the corporate party.

Drink in moderation.  Remember these are your co-workers not your drinking buddies.

Don’t double dip the dip. That’s just gross. No one wants to eat your germs.

If this is your first office party, read the invitation carefully.  Are spouses allowed?  What about kids? It’s also a good idea to ask coworkers about what you should wear and what to expect.

Manners are always important.  Make sure you thank your host.

Attendance is mandatory.  You should and need to go to the party.  You don’t need to stay all night but you should go and ‘make an appearance’.  Besides is a great time to chat up the boss.

Remember spouses’ names.  It’s a simple but important tip. It will ensure that you don’t get into awkward introductions.

Most importantly have fun! It’s a time of year to celebrate.

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