Product of the Month – Sublimated Jerseys

Sports fees can add up specially when playing on a few different teams at once. (Like me.) After all the fees are paid, teams then want you to purchase a jersey.  Jerseys are great for team bonding and photos but most of us are hesitant as next year there is a chance some people won’t come back and I’ll be stuck purchasing yet ANOTHER jersey.  This is one of the main reasons why I love sublimated jerseys.

Everyone tries to steer away from sublimation when it comes to jerseys for the fact that they seem more expensive; however, in the long run they work out to be less.  Once you place a sublimated jersey order, you do not have to reorder for the entire team when new players join. Only the new players need to order jerseys.  There are no minimums on repeat orders!! You can simply order one or two at a time as needed.

Blazing Balls and their Sublimated Jerseys

Blazing Balls and their Sublimated Jerseys

Sublimation also allows you to get as creative as you want.  It’s a great option for teams with more than one sponsor or colourful team logos.  You can have as many logos/colours/locations on your jerseys as you like with no additional costs.  This allows your sponsor dollars to actually be spent on jerseys not just imprinting costs.

Another big benefit to sublimated jerseys is no set up or art charges.  We all know how those silk screen set up and art charges can add up. These costs are all included in the cost of the jersey.

Call us today 403.457.0944 and let us design a jersey your team will be proud to wear!

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— Lindsay

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