Promotional Product of the Month – T-shirts

Yes, T-shirts! Promotional T-shirts are a fabulous way to promote your company name or brand! There are literally hundreds of styles/colours/materials of t-shirts out there. You don’t have to go with the 100% cotton crew neck t-shirt with a one colour left chest silk screened logo. The technology in printing and fabrics over the last few years has been incredible.  These new fabrics and printing processes allow us to better customize t-shirts.

There are a few different printing processes we can do on promotional t-shirts. We are no longer limited to the size of a screen for silk screening.  Promotional Bridge can help you design some cool graphics and help you choose the right printing process.

A great example of a digital imprint on a black t-shirt

A digital imprint on a black t-shirt.

Digital printing reminds me of a digital printer printing onto t-shirts other than paper. This process does have it limitations on size and location but it brings full colour designs to a price point that is bearable. There are no set up charges with digital printing!  With silk screening, there are usually set ups for every colour which can add up. (Especially with those 8 + colour designs.)

Heat seals are awesome for when the logo has to have pantone matching. We can keep colours bright and have tight registration in the logo or design. This process has really been perfected over the past few years. It used to be that the heat seal would have a white outline around the logo. This is no longer the case.  The heat seals can be die cut around the design and pressed onto the t-shirt for lasting impressions.

Sublimation is one of the coolest printing processes I’ve ever seen. The printer uses heat to melt the ink into fabric of the t-shirts allowing the shirts to be fully customized!  (We often do this process on jerseys.)  Yes, fully customized.  We can design the entire t-shirt or simply have one location. The only limit is your imagination.


Heat seal with lasered logo

Lasering is when we use a laser and burn the design into the t-shirt.  I do this process a lot on leather jackets. It gives a subtle tone on tone appearance. It’s great for someone who likes the imprint to be a little subdued.

Bedazzling is the opposite of subdued. It’s when beads (usually sparkly) are attached to the t-shirt. The beads can be added in addition to another printing process to give a design a little extra something. This is a fun option for ladies groups or stagettes.

Silk screening used to be the standard for promotional t-shirts. We still do a lot of silk screened t-shirts.  In large quanitites, it still is the most cost effective way to go. This too has been inproved in the past few years such as new colours; including glow in the dark inks and glitter.

Embroidery is of course still available but is becoming uncommon on promotional t-shirts. People find the backing used in embroidery uncomfortable. It used to be people chose embroidery as it had a higher end look. This isn’t the case anymore.

Fabrics have also come along way .  It used to be the only choice was rough cotton or polyester that pilled. Now, we can get promotional t-shirts with ring spun cotton and a variety of thread counts.  These t-shirts not only feel better to the touch, they have a higher end look and they give a smoother surface area for imprinting.  A smoother surface enables us to produce a higher print quality on the t-shirt.

There are also technical fabrics available. These lightweight fabrics allow moister to move away from the skin and spread it throughout the fabric. Allowing the t-shirt to dry quickly. Saving us from those embarassing sweat marks so you can perform at your best. These t-shirts are a great giveaway at runs or other sporting events.

I remember when having a v-neck t-shirt in the promotional products industry was a fashion piece and everything was ‘unisex’ sizing. (Yes I know, I’ve been around for a while.)  Now, there are fashion styles in both men’s and ladies’ sizes. The ladies’ t-shirts are no longer then men’s shirt cut down to meet ladies size specs. T-shirts have followed retail trends and have become something that people can wear to the office not just to do yard work.

Promotional t-shirts can be used for everyting from runs, team building, jerseys, giveaways, and even gifts. They can be fully customized and can have a high end look. Give us a call 403.457.0944 Calgary or 780.701.9666 Edmonton and we can discuss all the options and come up with the best t-shirt and imprinting process for you.

See you online!

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