Promotions for the Last Quarter

The last quarter of the year is typically a busy time both personally and professionally. Summer vacations are over and it’s time to get back to work or school. The next few months we will be busy with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Chistmas. Most people preceive these as personal holidays but have you thought of bringing these traditions into the workplace?

Halloween everyone could wear costumes, you could give out candy (with your logo on it, of course). Thanksgiving could be a potluck lunch complete with logo’d plates and cutlery.  You could even invite clients and make it an afternoon networking event.  Christmas is a great time to build client loyalty and to stay in touch. Not everyone celebrates the Christmas season the same but everyone enjoys the time off work and receiving presents!!

The last quater is a great time to promote your brand with some great outerwear. We’ve got some great new styles and some old styles that are making a come back.  Fleece is making a come back this fall.  I personally like fleece jackets. They’re so warm and cozy.  Fleece jackets also embroider and laser imprints very well.

Hockey and other winter sports will be starting up soon, if they haven’t already, and we are here to get your team outfitted from head to toe. We can take care of everything from jerseys to team jackets.

If you’re looking for innovative/different/funky/lasting ideas for your next promotion. Give us a call at 855-45-PROMO or email us at We’re happy to help.

See you online!

P.S. Check out our Facebook Page to see a few of the baseball teams we outfitted this summer.

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