Spring Has Sprung or Has it?

Spring has sprung or has it?

I’m never sure if spring has sprung.  I’m sure most Calgarians are with me.  It seems that just when I think spring has sprung; we get another snow storm.  Either way, the first day of Spring is March 20th and that means that Spring is around the corner.

Golf season is also around the corner.  Golf is a great way to get together with current and prospective clients hit some balls and talk about business.  Most people, when they golf with current or potential clients, like to give them a little gift.  Most of the time these gifts are balls, towels, or divot tools. But have you ever thought of giving something that is not golf related?  Like a cell phone charger. Cell phone chargers can be solar powered; therefore they can charge your phone on the course.  I will admit that I’m not a golfer but don’t cell phone batteries run out while golfing?

Another thing that happens in the spring is rain. (April showers bring May flowers.)  This brings me to my next spring promotional item, umbrellas.  They have a huge imprint area and every time it rains they will create walking billboards all over town.

Spring is also the beginning of camping season. We have oodles of logo-ed items that would be great at your next camping trip. Everything from coolers, to barbecues, to sleeping bags can be branded with your corporate logo.  Camping items also make great prizes on a golf tournament table.

Spring also marks the beginning of lacrosse and baseball season.  Jerseys, jackets and other team wear is a great way to support your favorite team and get your logo out there.

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