The Great Sizing Issue

Many people choose not to give clothing items as gifts because they don’t know what sizes to order.   I will admit that it can be a little awkward asking someone what size they wear.  It can also be awkward if you guess the wrong size.  To avoid this situation people opt for other promotional items like desk accessories or bags.  This doesn’t have to be.  There are ways around the ‘what size do I order’ issue.

The sizing issue can be alleviated a few ways. The easiest way is to buck up as ask. You don’t need to make a big deal out of it.  You can send a quick simple email stating that you would like to give them a jacket (or another promotional clothing item) as a gift and ask what size they would prefer.  If you word it as prefer, they may give you their size or maybe they plan on re-gifting the item and will give you the final recipient’s size. Either way, you get a reason to contact the client twice; first to request the size and the second to give them the jacket.  An email is a little less personal, which can alleviate the awkwardness of asking in person.

You can also delegate the asking to another person (or people) in the office. Many of my clients get the receptionist to gather the sizes as she will see almost everyone throughout the day.  I’ve even gone through an office asking everyone for their size.  You could also ask each department head to gather the sizes for their department.

Then there is the guessing game. I usually tell clients what size I am then it makes it easier for them to gauge sizing for others.  The guessing game works best if you’re planning on ordering extras. That way, if you guess a large and they’re a medium you can easily exchange the size.

The best way is to bring in sizing samples and have everyone you wish to give the clothing item to come by and try on the garment. This does have its challenges as not everyone will be able to swing by and try on a garment.  Sizing everyone works well if the clothing items are all for staff who are around all the time but not so well for clients. The best way to fit clients is to ask.

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